People actually still say things like that?

You would think, by now, that most 'headsmack' scenarios have been done.  I mean, many stories have you heard where someone said something really dumb or offensive, while thinking to yourself - I'm really glad *I* didn't say that.

And then there are the classic scenarios.  Like, you should know by now not to walk up to a woman and ask if she's pregnant unless you are POSITIVE she's pregnant.

If you didn't know that, consider yourself educated.

Or how about this one?

*sitting in Doctor's office*

Nurse Practitioner: Wow, I'm starving!
Me: Yea I'm pretty hungry too.  I ran here right after going to the grocery store and didn't have time to grab lunch.
NP: Ugh - I hate going to the store when I'm hungry.  I always wind up buying things I shouldn't be eating.
Me: Yea I totally understand.  Right now I'm being really careful about what I eat, too, so I can get some of this weight off.
NP: Oh c'mon, you don't look that bad.

Wow.  Thanks.  I feel so much better now.


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