I didn't die, I promise. (Here, have some free stuff.)

I've been on a little hiatus.  First, I took a trip down the shore with my family (minus Jeff because he had to work...way to go JEFFREY) and my little man spent a few days swimming up a storm.  Seriously, my kid is a fish.  He willingly goes under water at 10 months old, and if he could talk more I'm pretty sure he'd be saying 'LET GO, I GOT THIS!'

I got back last week and was struck by an OCD frenzy.  Having a new blog, I desperately wanted a blog binder.  Yes, I said desperately and binder in the same sentence.  If you didn't know I'm a dork, now you do.  My brain just can't function when my thoughts aren't organized on paper, and I wind up staring at a blank screen thinking 'I just had ten ideas in my head...what were they?  Wait...Do I know any actual words?'   

Just look around, find some free printables and get to printing...then you'll be just like the other cool kids with blogs. Sounds easy enough, right?

Of course not.  

My OCD brain doesn't always work rationally.  Some printables were too colorful, or not colorful enough...others were too complicated, or had extras that I just didn't need.  I like to start pretty simple and complicate things on my own, thankyouverymuch.

So what did I do?  I took a few days and made my own printables.  Duh.

And now you're thinking - why am I STILL reading this and what do I care?  Well...you're still reading because I'm just that magnetic (No? Oh...sorry), and you care because you're about to get some free stuff.  

Who doesn't like free stuff?

I'm making my printables available for anyone that wants them.  You don't need a blog to get use out of them...some pages are simple calendars and brainstorming sheets - things you may want for your general day to day.  Plus, they're pretty and simple and...my OCD brain thanks me.


PS: Gratuitous vacation cuteness:

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