In the Studio: A Work in Progress

For a long time, I'd never show a piece of art that wasn't 'finished'.  Every now and then I'd throw a glimpse to a very, very good friend if I needed an opinion on direction...but that was a rare occurrence.

I'm trying to break that habit.

Mostly because (especially when acrylics or hand-painting is involved) it takes *forever* for me to finish anything.  It's not always a 'lazy'  or a 'busy' thing either...sometimes I just need to step away from a project for a while, because more often than not my 'finished' work becomes 'unfinished' and I wind up adding to it. Also, sometimes I need to step away because I will start to try to cut corners to finish faster - sometimes I get ahead of myself.  I'm never happy with the final product when that happens, so I've taught myself to step away when I feel myself 'rushing' to the finish line.

That being said, none of that is true of this current project.  :D

My studio, also known as 'the basement' was occupied this summer by a wayward relative (my brother - though he was invited, so can I still call him wayward?  I guess not.  I meant less that he is 'wanton or capricious' and more 'unexpected'...but since he wasn't unexpected, it doesn't really work now.  Oh well...I'm not changing it.  I like that word.  Yo Max, do you like being called wayward?  I may add it to my own name.  'Wayward Kate'. ) and also, I've just been busy.  And not interested. And busy.

Ok, brain, simmer down.  Simma.

So let's get to it.  In the spirit of waywardness, I'm showing a work in progress.

The base/background: fluid acrylics.  I am still figuring out my way in fluid acrylics, and love to experiment in the (extremely, especially when it comes to me) messy medium.  For this work, I was going for a leveled/layered scene...and there's a lovely melty-skull issue going on in the top right.  (Do you like those technical terms I used there?  Melty-skull?  You can tell I was formally trained, right?)

Right now I'm in the middle of transferring a sketch on to the's a 'naked tree' with a bit of a twist.

And by 'twist' I mean 'spine trunk'!.  

I have a bit of an obsession with trees...especially naked trees.  There is a whole deep story behind that - too deep for this early in the morning - that I will share one day.  

I wasn't really going for 'dark' or 'macabre-ish', although it looks like it's heading in that direction. At the moment, I actually feel it's more of a statement on strength and foundation.  That may change, though, as my work often does.

And - I am still very much learning.  I am a constant student, and not afraid to say so. Like...sometimes I wonder if there is an easier way to transfer a drawing on to canvas.  I have transfer paper, but it is just not suitable for layering onto a dark background (can't see the outlines).  Any artists out there have any tips? (UPDATE: You guys are awesome.  White transfer paper...duh.) Until I figure that out, I'll be painstakingly re-drawing that spine on to canvas...with paint.  You can actually kind of see the beginning of the outline in the first picture.  *points up*

It's nerve-wracking, I tell you.

Maybe that's the REAL reason this has been on hold for a while :)   Probably.



  1. Oh wow, I love that first photo--it's beautiful! Very cool! I'd hang that on my wall (if I had a wall of my own to hang things on, lol).

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can get around to finishing it sometime soon! And you know...try to get a wall, maybe I'll send you a print lol