I'd like all of my food heavily processed, please...said no one ever.

Let me start off by saying...my son loves ice cream.  He loves treats, he enjoys having pizza, and he loves him some pierogies.  I am totally fine with allowing him to indulge now and then.  That being said, I want him to eat as healthy as possible the other 98% of the time....and since he can't make that decision for himself yet, it's up to me to keep an eye out.

At 6 months, when Elijah was going to start eating something other than breastmilk, I did what I thought I was supposed to do.  Cereal, right?  For years, that's been the first food everyone I've ever known has given their baby.  I trucked my well-meaning self to the store and grabbed some brown rice cereal, excited to see my kid hit this milestone.

Well...Elijah didn't want cereal.  He didn't want plain cereal, he didn't want cereal with fruit...nothing.  Even worse, the little bit of cereal he would eat constipated him to no end.

And for real, as much as I'm not a fan of stinky diapers...a happy kid poops.  

I hopped on Google and started researching foods best for my kid to start off with.  Then, after I had read a bit...I did what I always do when I need mommy advice - I asked my friend Heather!

A little background on Heather...Heather and I have been friends for over 10 years and we've never met.  Crazy, right?  Even crazier is that we don't even get to talk on a regular basis...yet I still have the nerve to message her on Facebook and be like 'HEY GIRL, HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN LIKE 5 YEARS - HELP A SISTER OUT.'

Because Heather is an overall awesome person, she didn't let me see the strange look on her face when I popped up like no time had passed.  Oh wait...we've never met.  Nevermind.  Because Heather is an overall awesome person, she chose not to tell me I was an absolute nutcase.

She actually pointed me to Ask Dr. Sears, which was a Godsend, for real.  Imagine my surprise when cereal wasn't even MENTIONED!  I started mashing up bananas and sweet potatoes...and Elijah was thrilled.  He loved, loved, LOVED sweet potatoes and I was convinced he would wake up one morning shaped like one.  Or be orange.  

Or both.


I totally went all SUPER NATURE MOM and decided I'd just make all of his baby food from scratch.  

Honestly?  That didn't happen - at least not ALL the time.  I know it can be done, because I've seen plenty of moms do it...but I just couldn't bring myself to whip out that food processor every night.  Or to take time out to make big batches and freeze them.  Blame it on my attention span, I guess.  Most nights, I reverted to good old Gerber Organics.  Right after, I'd stare in the freezer at the ice cube tray full of perfect little portions of puréed squash and think...you are DUMB.

Thankfully, Elijah decided to refuse baby food about a month after he started eating it - so I didn't feel guilty for long.  Seriously.  At seven months, he was all

He wanted finger foods.  Cue NATURE MOM again..."I'll just steam a bunch of veggies and he can eat those!"

Now, to my credit, I do steam veggies quite a bit.  I didn't totally crap out on that...but I had an increasingly hard time finding snack foods for babies that I actually *wanted* to feed my kid.  Not to mention there were some nights when I forgot to steam veggies, and Elijah was not going to wait another 20 minutes or so waiting for me...I needed something fast, nutritious and easy to chew.  I'd look at the ingredients on the back of a bottle of baby puffs and not know half the words...or I'd look at the back of pre-cut finger foods and see preservatives for miles.

Fail, baby food companies.  Big fail.

One day I was at Giant (Oh Giant how I love you...you're clean and happy and you make me smile...that's so hard to find in Philadelphia.  Never in my life did I think I'd fall in love with a grocery store.  Is that embarrassing? Ahem.) and I was strolling down the Gluten free section when something caught my eye...

...another entire section of baby food.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Call me crazy, but I had never noticed it.

Believe me, it's not as good as making your own dinners and snacks...but if you're in a pinch, here's what we grab for:

Interested in doing some research on baby food?  Or ANY OTHER product? Check out Good Guide...pretty cool if I do say so myself.


  1. Cute,,I love Heather!! She's moving away from me and I'm sad

    1. Aw...because you're my first comment ever on this blog, I will beg Heather to stay close. I don't think she'll listen to me, but if I wave David Duchovny in her face, she may listen. I'll try my best.

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