That would make an awesome t-shirt.

At least once a week, I have an idea for a t-shirt.  Sometimes it's completely random, sometimes it's inspired by conversations and various shenanigans...and sometimes it's born out of a moment of deep self reflection.

I'll let you decide which one of those applies here.

I'll tell you why you should buy one...because I know in your head you've already pegged who in your life should be wearing this.  It's FATE, you guys.  

And because the proceeds are going towards my sons future education.  For any of you that don't know, in Philadelphia, you have to start saving up when a kid is born so they can get in to a decent school.  

Forget a college fund, I'm starting a kindergarten fund.


  1. That's so funny; I do the same thing! I always want to do tee shirts for one thing or another. Funny thing is, I never wear tees....

  2. ME EITHER! which is why I also made coffee mugs LOL

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