Wow...that's a whole new level of commitment.

Every mom wants their kid to walk.  Ok, maybe not EVERY mom.  I've definitely had a few people say 'ONCE THEY START IT DOESN'T STOP'...which confused me...because...YEA.

Anyway, my little monkey has been acting like he wants to take those first steps...he cruises on furniture and stands on his own for a few seconds at a time.  The thing is, whenever I take him by the hands to encourage him to walk - he pulls his little legs up in the air, or sits right down.  No go.

As silly as it sounds, I thought I'd hop on Google and see if there were any ways I hadn't thought of to encourage babies to walk...

...and you know, as you're typing...suggestions come up in the search bar...

Wow...really?  Teaching your child to wipe is just as popular as teaching them to walk and write?  Where are our priorities, world?

Then I got to thinking...because I have a boy, does that mean his father gets to teach him how to wipe?  Obviously he's going to teach him to pee standing up, but do the rest of the bodily functions automatically default to him as well?

I don't consider myself squeamish by any means (although a few of Elijah's turds have set off my gag reflex in the past. Truth.) but I'm all about passing off some *ahem* dooties to the husband.

Then I thought some more, and wondered WHY people would be wondering how to teach their child to wipe?  Are there that many variations on front to back?  How many grownups have not grasped the concept of wiping thoroughly enough to have to look it up on Google?

Too much?  I guess I *was* looking up how to WALK, so I digress.  Perhaps wiping is considered a 'fine motor skill'.

Moral of the story?  Let's focus a little more on teaching our children how to walk and write.  Skidmarks happen, but they won't prevent you from getting a job.


P.S. I feel another t-shirt coming on.

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