about a 180.

I don't recall being neat and clean when I was younger.  In fact, I remember being quite messy, and I'm sure my mother would attest.  I also was definitely a bed stuffer (that's how I cleaned my room...stuffed everything under the bed!) until one night a mouse got into my room and went under the bed.  I never kept anything under my bed after that.

True story.

Anywhoo...when I met my husband, it was clear who the more orderly of the two of us were (hint: it wasn't me).  It became glaringly obvious when he showed up at my apartment one day to help me clean.  Before you declare 'Wow!  That's true love!"...he was wearing this:

He thinks he's pretty funny.  Don't humor him.

After we were married and moved in together, we would joke about our bedroom.  There is a large closet with mirrors on my side of the bedroom, so if my side was messy, the mess was amplified by the mirrors. Walking through the door, you'd see Jeff's meticulously picked-up side, and then be smacked in the face with (the illusion of) a couple of mountains of clothes piled up in front of the hamper. Yes, I was one of those...I'd be two feet from where my clothes go...and that extra two feet was just too tiresome to conquer. So sue me.

Before you start judging, let's talk about what happened when I got pregnant.

Insanity, that's what happened.

They say that you go through a 'nesting' period where you want to clean and organize for the baby.  Um...yea.  But mine NEVER WENT AWAY.  Ever since, clutter bothers me so intensely that I have even been known to organize my refrigerator...more than once a week.   

I think it might be a sickness, you guys.  Can one contract OCD?

Tonight, my 'known to be neat' husband was helping me pick up toys after Elijah went to bed.  He always makes fun of me because I have a certain place for each toy.

Before I continue...there is a reason for this!  I swear!  I'm trying to teach Elijah that everything has a place, and how to put things back where they belong.  How can you do that if everything is always in a different spot?!  I am not crazy JEFFREY!

But's how I know something has changed between the two of us.  As I'm cleaning, Jeff put away a basket of toys...which I promptly moved to it's correct spot.  Under his breath, I hear him whisper...

"Toy nazi!!"

And it didn't stop there!  He sing-songed 'toy nazi' over and over in the kitchen while I finished straightening up.  He makes me feel so good about myself sometimes.  

Since I'm now the OCD one, does that officially make him the slob?

I think pigs may be flying out my butt.  Or Hell has frozen over.  One of the two.


  1. I need to catch what you have...

    1. If I figure out a way to bottle it, I'll send some over.

  2. You know how 90% of men (not Jeffrey) can never find anything? By rearranging the items onto different shelves Bean will be forced to "look" for what he wants. It will save his future wife a lot of eye rolls!

    1. Haha....but if he knows where to put everything in the first place, won't he be less likely to lose things??

  3. I'm also a neat freak. Well I was until Elsie came into the picture and made it impossible to keep clean for more than 15 minutes. I started nesting at 5 months. Nursery was completed then. A nursery she doesn't even sleep in lol. My trigger was third grade. I was a slob until then and I've gotten more OCD as the years progress so watch out! But my little mini me and dog leave me feeling defeated. Some days I feel in control. Others I drown in chaos. I wish I didn't care. But I can't seem to function when my surroundings are a disaster.

  4. I saw a joke that said that cleaning with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. I have a new level of what I consider "clean" now that I have two little tornadoes. :)