Montessori Baby: Finding the Joy in the Mundane

When I first became pregnant, I did what any woman would do...I read.  A lot.  I was intrigued the most by the Montessori Method, and after some research and advice from friends I decided it was a practice I'd like to try to implement with my child.  

If I had to sum up the Montessori Method in less than ten words, I'd probably say:  It's common sense - teach me to do it myself!  

Lately I've been trying to think of new activities to do with Elijah now that he's passed the 12 month mark. 

It's amazing to see how content a baby can be with the most mundane tasks - it reminds you about the complete joy that can be found in simplicity.  Yesterday?  We washed potatoes!

I mean, seriously...when I wash potatoes, I usually don't beam like this little ray of sunshine. You know what though?  I did this time.  

He'd take a potato from the bag and transfer it to the bowl of water.  Sometimes he'd place it gently, and sometimes he'd toss it in and giggle when the water splashed.  I'd tell him to wash it and he'd rumble the potatoes around in the bowl before handing one to me to cut.

I think one of the most appealing things about Montessori, aside from finding the joy in simplicity, is allowing Elijah's character, interests and strengths develop naturally.  I absolutely take every moment I can to teach him - but it's less about what I want and more about what he needs.  He directs what he learns at every moment.

More importantly...he enjoys it, too!

Ehat are some of your favorite activities with your children? I'm always searching for new ideas, no matter how simple!

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