Doodle Day: Scraps

Yesterday I was cleaning my studio when I came across some scraps of paper and looseleaf with doodles on them.  I know there are more around...I'll have to take a look.

These were mostly done when I was supposed to be paying attention to something else.  On the phone, in class, at name it, I probably drew a picture.  If you were ever on the phone with me and I went into a long trail of active-listening 'uh-huh's' probably should have told me to autograph and mail whatever I was working on before we hung up.

Sorry about that.  The good news is, if you catch me - you get a free picture.

Regardless...I probably should draw pictures while distracted more often...they're less contrived feeling.

Obviously I love to doodle people.  I also tend to always draw women - I don't even know if I could draw a man...that's how often I draw them.

I think this one is going to be thrown into Illustrator and made into something else:

There's nothing special about it - but I'm diggin' the hair.  It reminds me of Cruella De Vil...but I assure you, that isn't who it's supposed to be :)

Do any of you doodle?  What do you draw when you're not really thinking?

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