I'm not dead, I promise...though Boober warned me of death and pestilence.

Wow, that was a totally unplanned sabbatical I took from writing!  Probably won't be the last time, not gonna lie.  After all - men plan, God laughs.

So it's the day after Thanksgiving - and guess what?

Are you still feeling thankful today?


Do you have a toilet?  Did it flush today?

Well there you go - a reason to be thankful.  You're welcome.

There are tons of things I want to update about, but since it's 10 o'clock at night, I'm not going to venture into anything deep.  Instead, I'd like to discuss my sons new obsession.

Image Courtesy of Muppet Wikia

Now before we go further, let me say this - I don't want my kid in front of the TV all day.  At first I was all 'No TV until after he's 2 years old!'  But you know what?  There are some things I really, *really* enjoy on TV...and some things I didn't want to wait to introduce to my son. 

Ok, really only one thing: Muppets.

I watched tv when I was a kid, and I think I learned a ton (probably too much, actually) from my viewing habits.  I'm not saying my kid should watch as much as I did (After all, it's pretty annoying how many movies and tv shows I can recite word for word - right, mom?) but I am definitely saying that some restricted, quality TV time is ok with me.

It started with Sesame Street.  I let Elijah watch Sesame Street in the morning while we have breakfast, and that has been the extent of his TV exposure.  He was allowed to watch Veggie Tales once or twice too, not gonna lie.

Then, one day a couple of weeks ago, I thought to myself...I wonder if he'd like Fraggle Rock?  He loves to dance, so I figured the songs would appeal to him.

Oh, boy.  Big mistake.

Did you see that head action? 

If we're home, he will turn on the TV, turn on the xbox, and point to the Fraggle Rock box.  Why is this 14 month old so smart?

Must have been the Sesame Street.

Anyway, I've got to make sure I limit his viewing better than I have been.  I admit I've enjoyed singing along to all my favorite songs...

...wait for it...

Nope, sorry.  I thought the shame would come, but it didn't.

This, however, is something I can't bear:

It happens right after the opening credits - pretty much every time.  


We will beat this, my little man.  Together, we can.

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