Fat Tuesday: The holidays are a horrible time to lose weight.

Although I've been neglecting my blog, I haven't totally forgotten my Fat Tuesday purpose.  I've lost about seven pounds so far.  Usually I wouldn't be too excited about seven pounds, but given it's the holidays...I figure that's equivalent to at least fifteen in regular calendar time.

Fifteen, I can get excited about.

Unfortunately, I can't give myself too many props.  I've lost the weight because I've been busier that usual, and not so much because I've changed anything.  

Such is life.

I shall keep on truckin', in any case.

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite, favorite, favorite things to make.  A friend of mine (*waves*) introduced me to a Brazilian steakhouse a while back.  Why did I not know of these before? While I don't consider myself a big meat eater (I was actually a vegetarian for quite a few years) there is something about how those Brazilian's do meat.  

Especially lamb.

Now, I don't know if lamb is a regular in many people's home - but it surely is in mine.  I have managed to find a recipe that makes even the hesitant lamb tryer-outer cry 'bring on the meat!'

I won't pretend that my lamb is as amazing as the top sirloin, Brazilian, yummy goodness.  It's actually more in the vein of the way Greek's make their lamb.

My husband and I went to Greece for our honeymoon.  We spent a couple days in Athens and a glorious week in Santorini.   We were absolutely floored by this tiny island, and can't wait to go back.  We definitely didn't expect to fall in love with that place as much as we did...and we also weren't expecting the food.

I admit, I had no idea that Greek food was amazing.  I don't think I had really even *had* Greek food before I went to Greece.  Is that crazy??

The only thing that trumped the food, was the view. I can't even describe it, that's how amazing it was.

Crazy awesome, right?  Yes - go there, now.

Back to the lamb.

Greek lamb is more of a 'fall off the bone' type of meat, rather than the Brazilian steak.  I don't know about you, but I'll take it!  

It takes a while to cook, but totally worth the wait.  Besides, I love a dinner that I can throw in the oven and leave alone!

Happy eats!

Braised Leg of Lamb

(You can also do a version of this with shoulder cuts - shoulder cuts are crazy inexpensive, a great dinner for a smaller family and they only take about 3 hours to braise.)

Recipe closest to mine totally borrowed from this young lady.  Edited a bit.

    1 7-8 pound Leg of Lamb
    2 bay leaves
    Several Sprigs of rosemary
    10-15 garlic cloves, crushed and peeled
    1 onion, peeled, and cut into eighths
    2-3 pounds of small red potatoes, scrubbed
    6 carrots, peeled, ends cut off and cut into 3 inch pieces
    1 cup of white wine (Or use extra stock)
    2 cups of stock (chicken or lamb)
    Sea Salt and Pepper
1-If you are using clay cooker, put the bottom of the clay cooker in the oven and start preheating the broiler. Place your lamb leg in the clay cooker and broiler until you start to see speckled brown spots on the surface of the lamb. Turn over, and do the same to the other side.

2-Take the lamb and cooker out of the oven, and turn down the heat to 275 degrees. Surround the lamb with the carrots, onions, and potatoes, garlic and rosemary and bay leaves, then pour the wine and broth over it. Sprinkle everything with sea salt and pepper.

3- If you are using a clay cooker, then put the top on. If you aren’t, make an aluminum foil tent over the food (don’t let it touch the food). Make sure that the rack in the oven is in the lower third of the oven, and place your lamb back in the oven. Now all you have to do is leave it alone for about 7 hours. Gently turn it with the help of tongs or two large spoons every two hours (read my notes above about what I did with what results).

4-When it’s done, take it out of the oven. We were lazy and served straight from the clay cooker. But you can remove the meat and veggies and plate them. Then you can skim some of the fat from the leftover juices, and boil it down a bit, and adjust it’s flavorings. Or you can just spoon it straight from the cooker over the vegetables and meat like us. Enjoy!

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