Hell Week: Surviving the Stomach Virus

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Disclaimer: This post is not for the weak-stomached…though if you are a mom, you probably do not have a weak stomach – am I right?
If you recall my last post, my family spent Mother’s Day weekend at the shore. Unfortunately, my son Elijah came home with a case of the…uh…
…screamin’ yellow mustards.
Diarrhea. He had diarrhea (sorry, there is not cute way to say that). In my home, we also call this ‘a case of the shizzles’.
I know, this is every mothers dream, right? Especially every mother who uses cloth diapers.
I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure stomach viruses come straight from the devil.
Plus, I’m convinced there’s nothing worse than seeing your little one sick and hurting.
Sick Kid kdizio
On Monday evening, around 11pm, I was just wrapping up a conference call with the West coast when I heard my son crying and my husband shuffling around upstairs. I ran up just in time to see that my son had thrown up in his crib.
I know, this post is awesome so far.
To make a disgusting story even more disgusting, this all has continued through the week. My husband fell prey to this nasty bug mid-week as well. By the grace of God, I have been spared so far (and your prayers that it stays that way are TOTALLY appreciated.)
Five days in to this train-wreck of a stomach virus, I am here to share with you how we’ve managed to stay sane thus far.
1.)  We totally made puking into a game. I was completely unprepared for the fear on my sons face as he got sick in front of me for the first time. I held a bucket under his chin, patted his back, and told him he was a good boy and was doing a great job. I noticed he calmed down, and I was also completely unprepared for him to start clapping when he finished.
Now, he claps whenever he hits the bucket and I say good job. Fantastic, hilarious, and SO MUCH MORE SANITARY.
2.)  We went into serious attachment parenting mode. My son stopped co-sleeping around seven months old (he slept way better on his own) but still naps with me on occasion. While he’s been sick, he’s never left my side. Being sick can be scary for a little guy, and I wanted him to know that I was there with him the entire time.
Attachment Parenting kdizio
3.)  We made the living room into a sick-zone. We put blankets over the couches (throwing a blanket in the wash is way easier than trying to fit your couch into the washing machine…for anyone that didn’t know), pillows all over the floor…it was a serious comfy palace. I wanted my kid to have as much fun as he could and be comfortable wherever he felt the need to land. He especially enjoyed his floor-bed.
Sick Zone kdizio
4.)  Digestzen and Ginger oils became our best friends. Every mom needs these oils in their cabinet. I have personally seen doTerra’s Digestzen stop a stomach bug in its tracks with the first dose. In my sons case, he had been refusing to eat or drink. A bit of Digestzen and a few drops of ginger solved that almost immediately. My son has not been dehydrated, nor has he lost any weight…after a week of being sick! That’s pretty amazing in my book.
5.)  We gave ourselves permission to use disposable diapers while our man cub has diarrhea. Because honestly? It’s just too much work when your kid and husband are both sick. God bless each and every one of you that are able to soldier through the yellow plague! I am not that strong.
6.)  My TV rules went out the window. I was a total TV kid, and while I think I turned out fine (twitch, twitch) I limit what my kid watches and how long he watches it. Usually he is allowed TV time at breakfast, and maybe a little before bed. Since he got sick, we’ve watched Toy Story about 2348763459876 times, and are now required to sing the theme song to Veggie Tales every 20 minutes. What can I say? It makes him smile.
Smile kdizio
7.)  We are staying away from dairy until our Little recovers. Did you know that a stomach virus can cause your little one to become temporarily lactose intolerant? Yea, I didn’t either…but now I do. To be on the safe side, it’s best to stop all dairy for two weeks. Moms that are breastfeeding, that means you too!
8.)  Every day became naked day. I found it easiest to keep my little guy in diaper-only mode until he got the hang of getting sick into a bucket. There’s a lot less laundry, less struggling to get messy shirts over heads, and less pants with unsightly stains to scrub. But for real, what kid doesn’t prefer being naked? Once everything was under control, we went into pajama-party mode.
Relaxing kdizio
So, honestly? My first experience as a mom with a toddler who has a nasty stomach virus hasn’t been all THAT bad. I can’t say it’s been my favorite week, or that I prefer to repeat it, but it has definitely been a lesson in coping mechanisms and creativity.
How do YOU cope when your little one is sick? I’m still in the midst of virus-land, so I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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