End the Glorification of Busy

There isn’t much I hate worse than the glorification of busy. Perhaps it’s because my love language is quality time.

There really isn’t much worse of a feeling (for me) than someone telling you they are too busy to give you their time. (Especially if you see them posting on Facebook a billion times a day, right?  You don’t have time for me, but you have time for that cat meme?  Haha)

Or worse, being totally ignored.  Ugh.

Believe me, I’m not perfect.  There are definitely moments I’ve let my priorities slip!  I’m sure I have 2342342 friends reading this right now going . . . “well you haven’t texted ME in forever!”

(I’m sorry.)

But, I digress.  The summer that started out so calm and fun has suddenly turned in to a whirlwind of happenings.

The happenings are all complete blessings, so I cannot complain one bit.  But I need to be sure I keep my priorities in order so that things don’t go completely out of control. Here’s a little of what that looks like:
Some people would question the order of my list.  Like . . . how can your home and your job come before Ministry?

As a wife and mother, my first ministry is

My First Ministry
You can tell me I’m ‘old fashioned’ all you want, but if my home isn’t in harmony, neither is my family – and that is not ok! My job supports my family, and therefore supports my primary ministry as well.

Sure, there are days when things fall completely out of order, but as I grow older – it’s getting easier and easier to tell where the kink in the chain is in order to get back on track.

Like…when my day is going to hell and I can’t figure out which way is up?  Yea, I can pretty much guarantee that God wasn’t first on those days.

When a friend gets upset that I haven’t answered?  Yea, I probably let the job come first.

Or I was organizing the refrigerator.

My point?  No matter how busy you are, there should always be time for the most important things on your priority list.

Not sure of your priorities?  Now’s the time to figure them out…I promise it makes life so much easier!

P.S. Facebook should probably not be in your top ten – what a time-suck!  :)

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