Resurrection Time?

I can't just pick up where I left off without saying...

It's been almost a year since I last updated.

A YEAR. Wow.

And honestly I only stopped back because I noticed my page views jumped...most likely because of this post that still gets passed around Pinterest this day.

Apparently, that was funny!

So why the disappearing act? Just busy. Which is SERIOUSLY ironic since my last post was called 'The Glorification of Busy.'

There wasn't too much glorious about my year of busy - so I'm not being a hypocrite - though I did take part in some pretty cool projects.

I got to work with a fantastic family business in Wildwood, NJ, a superbly talented makeup artist, an awesome church, and a guy in Maui...just to name a few.

The icing on the cake has been working for Remade Ministries, where I'm currently the Creative Director. Totally didn't see that coming, and I don't think they did either :)

(*squee moment* We are totally working on a exciting!)

And guess what we did? We launched a book. No biggie, right Beth?

We had an amazing team - blood, sweat and tears - but we did it. By the grace of God, and with the help of a fantastic group of ladies that formed our launch team - we did it.

And you should read it, because it's a game-changer. And I'm not just saying that - a bunch of people on Amazon did too.

Oh...and let's not forget this little project of mine:

Who isn't so little any more.


At 2.5 years old, we are entering the stage of the threenager. Though...he's more like...two going on thirty.

I'm also still perfecting the art of becoming a modern-granola-hippie...which you may remember the small beginnings of.

Overall...God had been very, very good to me. To us. Being a Christian doesn't make life any easier, but it does make the ups and downs bearable.

For instance, taking this year of NOT blog-posting, in stride.  Epic fail?  No, not at all.  Just some necessary prioritizing that happened.

I'm learning to steady myself on the Rock.  I've also been making some seriously awesome friends lately...which I'll introduce you to soon.

Yes, my friends...we have a lot to catch up on. Let's see if I can resurrect this heart-line of mine.

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